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Middle end call

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Product details
Specifiction Sheet 
Basic Features : 
2LCD 16 digits display YES
399 groups , 16 digits incoming number memory YES
420 groups , 16 digits outgoing number memory YES
55 degree of LCD contrast YES
65 digits of area code YES
72 groups of 16 bit single key memory
9Mute YES
10Tunable ringtone (HI  LOW OFF)YES
12FLASH , 1000ms / 600ms / 400ms / 300 ms/275ms / 110 ms /100ms / 90 ms options YES, default 300ms
13Ringer indicator YES
Machinical Features 
14LCD dimension 69*34mm
15Coin cord length2.4 meters
16Line cord length 1.8 meters
17Dimension of Phone 208*157*78MM
18Weight of Phone 
19Wall mountain function YES
Package and Accessories 
20Gift box packing225*225*65mm
21Carton box packing , 20 pcs per carton 
22Pallet packing, 2 types1200*1000*1550mm, 18ctns/360pcs per pallet
1200*1000*1080mm, 12ctns/240pcs per pallet
23AccessoriesMain unit1pc
Coil cord1pc
Telephone line1pc
5AA batteries2pcs
lnterface definition
24RJ111, PSTN line port