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Name: Infrared Thermometer 

Color:  White 

Model: KT8016


Battery: 1.5V, 2 pieces, AAA Battery, Normal working environment

Measuring tempurature range: 35℃ ~43℃  95℉~109.4℉

Indication Error :±0.3℃ 

Measuring distance: 30mm-50mm

Temperature display resolution: 0.1℃

Working  humidity: ≤85%

Working Temp. :16℃~35℃

Storage Temp. :-20℃~55℃

supports conversion between temperature

Celsius and Fahrenheit

Support warning threshold adjustment

Support auto power off

Support battery exhaustion reminder


Bluetooth communication to output measurement result

QR code scanner to scan QR code then match temperature

RFID card reader to read card ID then match temperature